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Fields of Study

The fields of study at our graduate school are divided into 5 areas and 10 specialities.



Selected Subjects

Area I

1. Theoretical Economics

Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; Game Theory

2. Econometrics

Econometrics; Bayesian Statistics; Time Series Analysis

Area II

3. History of Economic Thought and Methodology in the Social Sciences

History of Economic Thought; Social Thought; Economic Thought

4. Economic History

Economic History of Europe and North America; Economic History of Japan; Economic History of Asia

Area III

5. Labor and Industrial Economics

Industrial Organization; Labor Economics; Social Policy; Industrial Economics; Agricultural Economics

6. Public Finance and Monetary Economics

Economic Policy; Money, Banking, and Finance; Public Finance; Public Economics

Area IV

7. The Economy of Japan

Contemporary Japanese Economy; Modern Capitalism

8. The International Economy

World Economy; International Trade; International Finance

Area V

9. Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics; Economic Geography; Urban Economics

10. Social Economics

Social History; Demography

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