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Research Environment

The Information Technology Center (ITC)

Information is available at Mita ITC (Information Technology Center).

Library Services (Media Center)

Each of Keio’s campuses has a media center that provides library services to support faculty and student research, including access to many scholarly databases and electronic journals. Graduate students can use their accounts in order to access the databases and electronic journals even when off campus.

Since the library system at Keio is fully integrated, access to its collection of over 4 million books and other materials does not depend on campus location or hard-copy documentation. Books and documents in one campus can be ordered by students in other Keio campuses, and loans from other libraries can also be arranged.

Exchange Programs

Graduate students can obtain permission to study abroad if this is judged to be necessary for their degree. Up to one year of studying abroad can be counted towards the total years spent at Keio. Some funding is available to support overseas study.

For more details, refer to the section on studying abroad in the Japanese language section of this website.

Keio Economic Society and research seminars

The Keio Economic Society was established on the 26th of March, 1936, and has as its members all economics related faculty members. Today, the society publishes Mita Gakkai Zasshi as its Japanese journal and Keio Economic Studies as its English journal. In addition, the society holds regular research seminars which visiting scholars and graduate students are welcome to attend.

Institute for Economic Studies

The Institute for Economic Studies (IES) was established in April 2013 to accelerate cutting-edge economic research activities across the whole Keio campus. One of its major roles is to support graduate students by encouraging participation in various workshops, disseminating results from economic research activities including the publication of discussion papers, and collecting and promoting the shared usage of economic data for research.

Keio Economic Observatory

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