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Student Exchange Programmes – Inbound information

The Faculty of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics has faculty-wide exchange agreements with the following twelve overseas universities. These exchange programs are exclusively for students of the Faculty of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics and existed in addition to those already offered by the International Center at Keio University, and students of its partner institutions.

Partner Institutions


Vienna University of Economics and Business (Undergraduate students only)


KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business
Universite catholique de Louvain, Louvain School of Management


Copenhagen Business School


Aalto University, School of Business


HEC Paris (Undergraduate students only)
École Politechinique (Undergraduate students only)


Bochum University, Faculty of East Asian Studies (Graduate students only)
Goethe University Frankfurt, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Leipzig University, Faculty of Economics and Management Science
University of Cologne
University of Mannheim, Department of Economics


Bocconi University


Yonsei University, College of Commerce and Economics

The Netherlands:

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus School of Economics


NHH Norwegian School of Economics


Fudan University, School of Economics
Peking University, Guanghua School of Management
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, School of Business and Management
Nankai University, School of Economics
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Undergraduate students only)


ESADE Law School


Stockholm School of Economics


University of St. Gallen


National Taiwan University, College of Social Sciences
National ChengChi University, College of Social Sciences


Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Economics
Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Economics


University of Glasgow
University of Warwick


University of California, Education Abroad Program
University of South Carolina-Darla Moore School of Business (Undergraduate students only)
Brandeis University(Graduate students only)

Programs Open to Incoming Exchange Students

Incoming exchange students from the partner institutions above are to be enrolled in the Faculty Exchange Undergraduate Program for short-term international students or the Faculty Exchange Postgraduate Research Program.

[Undergraduate Program (Short-term International Student)]

Comprehensive undergraduate program designed for short-term international students sent to Keio based on an exchange agreement with the Faculty of Economics

[Postgraduate Research Program]

Graduate-level program for graduate students who wish to conduct research under the supervision of an academic advisor and/or to take courses at Keio University based on an exchange agreement with the Graduate School of Economics


Please submit the following google form to nominate your student(s).

  • Students cannnot nominate by themselves. Only coordinators can use the form and nominate their students.


    1. Eligibility
      • Be enrolled at one of Keio University’s partner institutions (see above)
      • Have student status at your home institution throughout your period of study at Keio University
      • Be formally nominated as an exchange student by your home institution
    1. Application Deadline
    • Fall Admission: April 30
      Spring Admission: October 31
    1. Application Process

    Important Note

    • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
    • Applications sent directly by students will not be accepted.
    • Your application will be reviewed by the selection committee of each program.
    • Acceptance to Keio is confirmed once your home institution’s exchange office receives your acceptance letter. We recommend that you do not purchase an airline ticket prior to receiving your official letter of acceptance.
    • Extending your study period is not permitted in principle. Please plan and choose your study period very carefully when you apply.
    • No credits or certificate will be given if you are not enrolled until the end of the course and miss the exams. No exceptions will be made for those who wish to leave early due to academic scheduling conflicts or graduation from your home institution. Please check our Academic Calendar, and consult with your home institution well in advance.

    Japanese Language Requirement

    There is no Japanese proficiency required to apply to be an exchange student at Keio University.

    Financial Requirement

    Be sure you can financially support yourself during the period of study at Keio. The average cost of living expense is at least JPY 130,000/month if you live in a university-subsidized student dormitory. Finding a scholarship when you are in Japan is very difficult. Plan your financial support before arriving.

    Japanese Nationals

    Japanese nationals, including those with dual nationalities must enter Japan as a Japanese national with a Japanese passport. If you do not have a Japanese passport, apply at a Japanese embassy or consulate nearby. Do not enter Japan with a foreign passport.

    Spouse or Child of a Japanese National

    If you are a spouse or child of a Japanese National, you have the choice of either applying for a Student visa or applying for a Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa. A Certificate of Eligibility is not required to apply for a Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa. Regarding the application procedure, consult with the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country directly. Although the application procedure for a Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa is simpler than obtaining a Student visa, persons entering Japan with this visa should be aware that they must surrender various advantages provided to international students.


    Keio assists students in arranging accommodation in Japan. Students are provided with a room, if available, at one of the student dormitories subsidized by the university. The rent charged to students varies from around 60,000 yen to 80,000 yen per month (subject to change). Students will also be charged a 20,000 yen non-refundable maintenance fee upon entrance.

    Location of Dormitories

    Please refer to the link below. Only one dormitory is located in Tokyo and it is about 40 minutes away using the train to Keio Mita campus where you study. Most of the dormitories are located in Hiyoshi and it will take about one hour to get to Keio Mita campus.

    Courses Conducted in English

    Classes on Economics

    Professional Career Programme (PCP)

    The Professional Career Programme (PCP) is established within the Faculty of Economics. PCP courses emphasize practical education in economics that will be of direct use for students’ future careers.

    International Center Courses

    The curriculum of the International Center Courses focuses on Japan and East/Southeast Asia as a central theme. There are about 70 courses in various fields such as language and literature, arts, culture and cross-cultural understanding, science, religion and thought, history, media and communications, social issues, politics, diplomacy and international exchange, business and economy, and law.

    National Health Insurance

    National Health Insurance (NHI – kokumin kenk? hoken, often abbreviated as Kokuho in Japanese) is one of the health insurance systems in Japan that allows the insured to receive medical care without financial concern when ill or injured by splitting the medical care expenses between the local or national government and the insured. International students who will be studying in Japan for more than three months MUST join this insurance unless covered by the insurance plan of a family member who lives in Japan; overseas medical insurance is not accepted.
    The necessary procedures can be completed at the NHI counter at a local city office in Japan after your arrival.


    Faculty of Economics | Graduate School of Economics Section
    Academic Affairs Group, Office of Student Services
    Email: mita-kei[at]

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