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Research Seminar

Seminar Outline


The Research Seminar is a small class in which each faculty member in charge of Major Subjects Courses provides supervision in their respective areas of expertise. In principle, students study under the same faculty member for two years and write a graduation thesis. In addition to classroom readings and research presentations, there are also seminars that involve off-campus research and study camps. Research Seminar has the longest tradition of the three pillars of the major subject curriculum (Research Seminar, PCP, and Independent Research Project) offered at Mita, and the ability to think logically and express oneself, as well as the connections with seniors, juniors, and peers, developed over the two years, will be an asset in their future.

Excellent Graduation Theses

The authors and titles of the “Excellent Graduation Theses,” nominated by their respective faculty members from the 40 graduation theses accepted in 2023, are as follows.

2023 Academic Year Faculty of Economics List of Excellent Graduation Theses

Supervisor Name Title


Li Qiyao

The Economics of Love: Educational Countermeasures from an Economic Standpoint on University Students’ Romantic Relationships


Kanazawa Hayato

M&A 開示と投資家の反応

FUKUHARA, Masahiro

Valero Antoine M.

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire:Regulating Systemic Risk in the United States Financial Markets since Dodd-Frank

FUKUHARA, Masahiro

Motobayashi Naoaki

Deciphering MEV in the Dark Forest:Identifying Factors Affecting Arbitrage inDecentralized Exchanges on Ethereum

KAJI, Sahoko

Cannon Naoki A.

Unraveling the Influence of Transparency and Competitiveness on the Logistic Performance Index and the Digital Adoption Rate: A Cross-National Analysis.

KAJI, Sahoko

Jimbo Emiri

Reliability of Regional Resources: A Comparative Analysis of Energy Security Levels in the EU and ASEAN

KIMURA, Fukunari

Bobenrieth Colette M.

Sakura Flavor or Oat Milk? Assessing the Strategic Relevance, Motives and Means of Limited-Edition Food and Beverage Products in Japan


Quah Han Rong James

The effects of Japan’s 2012 carbon tax policy on the offshoring of greenhouse gas emissions

KOBAYASHI, Keiichiro

Sano Takanori

Brexit: danger of populism in a globalised economy


Baba Yuto

Aviation and Investment: Connectivity of Overseas Flights and its Impact on Japanese Foreign Direct Investment Outflow


Nawrocki Miku R.

The Impact of Food and Beverage Imports from the United States on Obesity in Japan


Hashiguchi Masumi

The Fiscal Impact of Immigration: The Case of Japan

WADA, Tatsuma

Zheng Qinyi

The Impact of Childbearing on Gender Pay Gap in China: An Empirical Analysis Based on China Family Panel Studie Data

WADA, Tatsuma

Bai Ruiran

Interest Rate Sensitivity on Stock Portfolio Returns and its Volatility in the post-COVID Era with GARCH-M Approach: Portfolio Consisting of General Representative Stocks vs. Financial Firms

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