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Professional Career Programme (PCP)

What is PCP?

What is PCP?

The Professional Career Programme (PCP) was established inside the Faculty of Economics at Keio University in the Academic Year 2005. The programme offers an opportunity for third- and fourth-year students, principally in the Faculty of Economics, to receive a practical economics education in small class sizes. All lectures, examinations and communication with the PCP instructors are in English.

PCP aims to produce graduates who can thrive in the global arena, who will ‘design the future’. It is intended for students who plan to build a career in an internationalized environment, such as graduate and professional schools outside Japan, international organizations and multinational firms. The programme is designed to help students develop the skills to communicate effectively in English and conduct their own empirical research in economics.

In order to join PCP, students are required to prove their outstanding academic record as well as English language skills.

PCP students who have passed the programme screening spend one to two years taking required methodology courses of the programme to acquire research skills by writing empirical papers in a group and individually, in addition to elective courses. The required methodology courses are ‘Finance, Policy and the Global Economy’ and ‘Independent Study,’ which are open to qualified international students and master’s graduate students as well as the PCP students.

Students who earn credits for the two required methodology courses and several elective courses receive a PCP Certificate upon graduation. The Certificate is signed by the President of Keio University, as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Economics.


PCP’s objective is to turn out competent, open-minded individuals who can become global leaders that ‘design the future’.

In PCP, all lectures, examinations and communications with the PCP instructors are conducted in English. We also encourage students to study abroad as PCP students. We also welcome qualified international students from around the world to the PCP courses, to be educated alongside Japanese and other Keio students. Such a diverse student body of the programme creates a stimulating and fun learning environment.

Graduates of PCP are expected to build their career as professionals with a global outlook. Many go on to study at graduate schools and professional schools such as law schools, business schools, schools of public policy and schools of development.

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