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Professional Career Programme (PCP)


  • Q: What will participants learn in this programme?
    • A: Students in PCP will learn the basics of economics thinking and empirical research necessary for developing their careers. The emphasis is on practical application of economics as well as cutting-edge academic research. In that sense, we demand more from our graduates than just doing well in courses in economics at business schools. Our goal is to turn out professionals who can build successful careers based on their solid economic skills.
  • Q: How often will we use English?
    • A: In PCP, lectures, textbooks, references as well as exams are in English. Students are allowed to use Japanese when they ask questions outside of class and/or correspond with Teaching Assistants. All correspondences with the PCP instructors must be in English, including e-mails.
  • Q: Is there a certificate of completion?
    • A: A PCP Certificate is awarded to those who satisfy the following conditions upon completion:
      (1) Being a PCP student; and
      (2) Having earned a total of 20 credits from a range of the designated courses for the PCP Certificate.
  • Q: How can we apply to PCP?
    • A: All students, including PEARL students, apply during the same application period. Applicants must submit the application documents via the designated online form. Eligibility, application documents, and application period are subject to change every year. The latest information will be available on the application page.
  • Q: Can students from other faculties apply to this programme?
    • A: Yes, we welcome applications from eligible students from other faculties than the faculty of Economics. The application and screening process will be the same as those for students in the Faculty of Economics.
  • Q: What is the screening process?
    • A: The screening is done based on the application form submitted along with the Grade Report and the English test score. There are no examinations or interviews. After careful examination of submitted application documents, a list of successful applicants will be uploaded on the portal.
  • Q: If I am planning to study abroad for one year from the Fall Semester of my third year, can I still apply to PCP?
    • A: Yes, you can do so as long as you come back to PCP after your return from abroad.
  • Q: Can exchange students also join the PCP programme?
    • A: Exchange students enrolled in the Keio International Program (KIP) or Japanese Language Program (JLP) can join the programme. Please contact the Keio University International Center for the details on how to register for the PCP courses. After careful evaluation, the PCP Co-ordinator might decide to allow exchange students to count in credits received for equivalent subjects elsewhere.
  • Q: Do you accept the TOEFL or IELTS scores regardless of the test date?
    • A: The test score of TOEFL iBT or IELTS is valid for two years from the test date. The test score must be valid on the day of application, and the test must be taken by the applicant him/herself. The test score of IELTS must be from the IELTS Academic test.
  • Q: Is it possible to take PCP and Research Seminar (研究会) or Independent Research Project at the same time?
    • A: Yes, it is possible to take both courses at the same time as being a member of the programme. Indeed, most of the current PCP students are taking the Research Seminar concurring with the PCP courses. Still, please keep in mind that it can result in a very heavy workload. You need to have a strong will to finish and be prepared to invest much of your time in your studies. Needless to say, students are NOT allowed to submit the same one paper as final/graduation papers for the PCP courses, Research Seminar and/or Independent Research Project.
  • Q: What happens if I withdraw from PCP before completing the programme?
    • A: Students are strongly recommended to finish this programme in which only selected students can participate. Students can withdraw from the programme only if the withdrawal becomes necessary for reasons beyond one’s control. If that is the case, students first have to obtain the approval of the PCP Co-ordinator and then submit a PROFESSIONAL CAREER PROGRAMME(PCP)WITHDRAWAL FORM to the Office of Student Services. Even after the withdrawal, credits earned in the programme will be counted towards graduation.
  • Q: Can a student from another university join PCP and get the PCP Certificate?
    • A: Only Keio students who have passed the screening process are eligible to become full-time members of the programme. In other words, students enrolled in any other university cannot join the programme as a full-time member. However, exchange students who obtain necessary credits including the two required courses of the programme can be conferred a PCP Certificate, based on the evaluation by the PCP Co-ordinator.
  • Q: Where can I send a question related to PCP?
    • A: Please send your questions to “PCPoffice[at]” or the International Centre at “IC-COURSES[at]”. The PCP Co-ordinator is Ayako Obashi, professor of economics at Keio University. Please note that we do not respond to questions whose answers can be found on the PCP webpages.

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