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Application Documents

Note: The following forms are for use in applying for Fall 2018/Spring 2019 admission.

Please use the designated forms for: (b) Student Exchange Application Form; (c) Study Proposal; (e) Proficiency in Japanese Language; and (g) Certificate of Health.

All of the documents must be written either in Japanese or in English. A Japanese or English translation is required if the text is written in any other language.

  1. Official nomination letter (cover letter) from home institution
  2. Student Exchange Application Form
  3. Study Proposal (Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students)
    • This study proposal is required for all applicants, including graduate students who would like to focus on taking courses rather than conducting research while at Keio. If you are a graduate student and wish to concentrate on taking classes, please indicate what courses you would like to take and what you would like to learn from these courses.
    • Please refer to the Study Information to fill in this Study Proposal.
  4. One academic reference
    • This academic reference should be written and signed by a professor at your home institution within the past 3 months.
    • An academic reference written by a TA (Teacher’s Assistant) or used for internal selections at your home university is not acceptable.
  5. Proficiency in Japanese Language (self-evaluation sheet)
  6. Official transcript (full academic record from your home university)
    • If the latest transcript is not available at the time of the application, your home university needs to submit the original copy as soon as it is issued.
  7. Certificate of Health
    • Must be filled in and signed by a medical practitioner, NOT by the student.
  8. Three 3cm x 4cm photos
    • No background, color, taken within 6 months, printed on glossy paper, upper body with head uncovered, and facing forward.
  9. One photocopied set of the documents above.

Visa Documents

Please use the designated form for (j) Application for Certificate of Eligibility. This is only required for students who do not have a Japanese passport. All applicants including those who have a Japanese passport must submit a certificate of financial support and a passport copy.

  1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)
    • This form is required by the Japanese Immigration Bureau and MUST be completed exactly as instructed. Refer to the CoE sample before you fill out the form.
    • This form needs to be prepared in EXCEL Only. Please send the completed Excel file as an attachment to an email to the following e-mail addresses in Excel format by April 20 for autumn admission or October 20 for spring admission:<mita-kei[at]>
    • For Chinese and Korean nationals, write your name in English and Chinese character as instructed.
    • If you have dual nationalities, choose one nationality (passport) and make sure you write the information as for the chosen passport only, including the "Past entry into/depart from Japan".
  2. Certificate of financial support
    • The certificate must show the financial support is at least equal to the expected cost of their stay which is at least JPY 130,000 (or equivalent in local currency) per month for the period of stay (six or eleven months).
      • Fall semester: JPY 780,000 (JPY130,000 x 6 months)
      • Spring semester: JPY 520,000 (JPY 130,000 x 4 months)
      • Full academic year: JPY 1,430,000 (JPY 130,000 x 11 months)
    • A copy of your monthly bank statement will not be accepted.
    • An authorized Japanese or English translation is required if the text is not written in Japanese or in English.
    • All of the following documents must be original copies.
    • Please select which financial resources you will provide from 1-4 below and submit required documents.
    1. Personal funds:
      A bank statement or bank letter on official bank letterhead that indicates the type of account, the current balance, and currency of the account. The student’s name must appear on the bank document.
    2. Family funds:
      A letter of support in English or Japanese signed and dated by a family member who intends to provide for your expenses. The letter must indicate the amount of funds to be provided, the duration of the support, and the individual’s relationship to you. (Sample)
      A bank statement or bank letter on official bank letterhead that indicates the type of account, the current balance, and currency of the account. The name of the family member providing support must appear on the bank document.
    3. Sponsoring organization funds
      A letter in English or Japanese from a sponsoring organization that indicates the amount of funds to be provided and duration of the award.
    4. Loan funds
      Documentation required: Please provide a copy of the approval letter indicating the amount of the loan.
  3. One passport copy

Submission of the Documents

All of the original or certified true copies of (a) to (l) must be submitted to the exchange coordinator at your home university.

To the exchange coordinator:
Please send the documents by post to:

Faculty of Economics | Graduate School of Economics Section,
Academic Affairs Group, Office of Student Services
Keio University
2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345, JAPAN
Phone: +81 (0)3 5427 1556
And send scanned documents by e-mail <mita-kei[at]>

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