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Student Interview "Sciences Po"

Satoshi Ishida

Satoshi Ishida

Satoshi Ishida

Nationality : Japanese

Satoshi Ishida

Name : Satoshi Ishida

Nationality : Japanese

An experience abroad : Lyon (France) for 4.5 years

High school : Keio Shonan Fujisawa High School

1. Why did you choose to take part in the Keio-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme?

I aspire to strengthen the bonds between Japan and the rest of the world in the future. Accordingly, I wanted to pursue three pillars of personal development through this program. Firstly, I wanted to interact with students of different backgrounds to acquire a flexible and cultivated point of view. Secondly, as someone interested in international relations, I have always wanted to study at a grande école that specializes in political science. Lastly, I was raised in a French/English bilingual environment in my childhood, thus using English on campus and using French outside the campus felt like a natural way to challenge and hone my existing linguistics skills.

2. What was the most rewarding experience?

I have finished one semester at Keio and two semesters at Sciences Po, and it has left me feeling deeply grateful to this program. This program has two appeals. Firstly, we can forge a deep relationship with friends from all over the world. Le Havre Campus is a small campus, and almost all students are living apart from their parents. Hence, we often have dinner together and help each other not only in academic field but in many aspects of daily life. Secondly, since the syllabuses of Keio and Sciences Po are different, we can experience the best of both curriculums. Since Keio hosts thousands of students, most classes are lecture type, and they mostly grade by written exams. On the other hand, Sciences Po provides opportunities where students can give presentations and debates. Furthermore, students are expected to do weekly readings beforehand and come to class with critical opinions, thus allowing for more dynamic classes.

3. What are your plans for the future?

This summer, I will be doing an internship at an organization in France where we help people who have financial difficulties. Next year, in my second grade at Sciences Po, I am also planning to do an internship while studying to further improve my social skills in a professional setting.

4. A short message to future participants

This program is highly recommended for those who want to represent your country and gain a world-standard point of view!

(Joined in AY 2021)

片岡 実鈴

片岡 実鈴

片岡 実鈴

Nationality : Japanese

片岡 実鈴

Name : 片岡 実鈴

Nationality : Japanese

An experience abroad : New Delhi, India (8 years)

High school : Keio Shonan Fujisawa Senior High School

1. 慶應-パリ政治学院ダブルディグリープログラムを選んだ理由は?

I first heard about this program even before starting high school, and ever since, I have always conceived it as my dream to be part of this program. The Double Degree Programme empowers me to become an individual with extraordinary dreams and passion outside of my box. Having been educated in Japan and as well as India for eight years, it has enhanced my visions and the limitless possibilities outside of Japan. However, I have clearly lacked knowledge and experience in European cultures to become a truly global soul. Therefore, I conceived that studying in Sciences Po with the most dedicated and passionate students from all around the globe will stimulate me in academics and as well as every precious experiences that I am able to attain through this Double Degree Programme.

2. プログラムに参加して一番よかったことは?

Having able to meet, interact and get inspiration from the diverse student body in Sciences Po without feeling confined by borders. I have developed a deep appreciation for the role of diversity in my education, learned the value of diverse points of views, and acquainted myself with a broad array of legal process, research and argumentative techniques.

3. 将来の計画や展望は?

I wish to work with underprivileged communities, such as individuals seeking asylum to make small changes to underlying social inequalities in society. Growing up, I spent eight years in India, where the rich lived like a Maharaja while the street children of my age worked amidst dire conditions in slums, begging for money over the fence of my school. A sense of discomfort grew inside me because I felt powerless against the huge inequalities of the power hierarchy. Living in France with various social issues from the leading economic point of view has also expanded my view towards social issues and hope the remainder of my studies will continue to link me to opportunities that can bring me closer towards my goals.

4. ダブルディグリープログラムに興味を持って下さったみなさんに一言

Stepping out of your comfort zone might seem scary, but if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.


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