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Research Seminar

AY 2020 Excellent Graduation Theses

2020 Academic Year Faculty of Economics List of Excellent Graduation Theses

Supervisor Name Title


Aina Kawachi

Why Women-Led Countries are Excelling the Pandemic: Female Leaders and Their Likeliness of Becoming One

FUKUHARA, Masahiro

Riku Kikumoto

Social dynamics and performance of individuals and groups-utilizing task duration as a measure of productivity

ITO, Asei

Tian Xie

Examining the provincial accumulation effect on knowledge production spillover: An inside look with firm-level data

KAJI, Sahoko

Alpha Nagai

Factors Affecting Cashless Payment Adoption: Evidence from Japanese Consumers

KAJI, Sahoko

Madoka Nishina

The Implications of Aging to the Financial Inclusion in Japan

KIMURA, Fukunari

Zhengyuan Wilson Yao

GVC and Structural Upgrading: Does DVC Participation Facilitate Structural Upgrading in Asian Countries?


Calvin FetZek

Improving Predictability of Foreign Exchange Markets Using Convolutional Neural Networks


Nanami Watanabe

Argentne Confidence Game

TAMADA, Yasunari

Erika Suzuki

Examining the Biases of Japanese Voters Through a Two-Dimensional Ideological Space Mapping

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