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Professional Career Programme (PCP)

PCP Certificate Information

for Short-term International Students
and Japanese Language Programme Students

A PCP Certificate is awarded to short-term international students and Japanese Language Programme students who earn credits for 10 PCP classes.

The 10 classes must include:

  • Finance, Policy and the Global Economy
  • Independent Study.

If students can convince the Faculty of Economics that contents of the class they took at their home university is equivalent to the contents of a PCP class, PCP will count the credit for such a class towards the PCP certificate.

Here is how to get the approval for accreditation:

  1. Read carefully the PCP syllabus and see if you can find a PCP class whose contents seem similar to the contents of a class you took at your home university. The PCP course syllabus is at Curriculum & Courses.
  2. Prepare the following course materials for the class you took at your home university:
    1. Course syllabus which clearly indicates course title, contents and texts
    2. Transcript
    3. Notes and/or exams
    4. Term papers if applicable
    5. English translation* of (a) to (d) if the class is not taught in English
      *Translation does not need to be certified. The student may translate the materials by him/herself.
  3. Submit (a) to (e) above to the PCP Office at: <PCPOffice[at]> .

The PCP office will notify you of the result of the evaluation by e-mail.
Please submit the necessary documents well in advance to allow sufficient time for the evaluation, keeping in mind that the process usually involves exchange of e-mails with several professors and administrative staffs.

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